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Root Canal Treatment in Palakkad

Root Canal Treatment is also termed as Endodontics. It is the treatment for repairing infected or badly damaged tooth. Endodontics is a specialization in dentistry that deals with diseases occurring at the pulp and the surrounding tissue. Pulp is a soft tissue under the white enamel and hard layer called the dentin. Pulp contains nerves, blood vessels and it helps for growing the root of your tooth at the time of development. Neethu’s smile care offers the best Root Canal Treatment in Pathiripala.

Tooth pain, root fractures, problematic tooth anatomy, abscesses, traumatic injuries, teeth with blocked canals are the condition where Root Canal Treatment is preferred for the patients.

How does it work ??

During the procedure, the dentist numbs the teeth. Through the tooth crown to the chamber of the pulp, an incision is made. Special files are used for cleaning the unhealthy and infected pulp out of the canals. Later, they shape the canal for filling the material. By using a material known as the gutta-percha, the canals are filled with permanent material which helps the canals free from contamination or infections. On the top of the gutta-percha, a temporary filling material is placed for sealing the opening. Until the tooth receives a permanent crown (it is also called as cap which looks like a natural tooth and placed on the top of the tooth), the temporary filling remains. At last, the crown is cemented into place.

Root canal therapy, periradicular surgery which is also known as the apicoectomy, incision and drainage are the few common procedures done in endodontics.

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