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Regain Your Confidence With Restorative Dentistry..

Restorative Dentistry refers to the study, diagnosis and integrated management of oral health problems. It includes diagnosis and treatment of conditions effecting the teeth, gums, maxillofacial portions of the body and restoring mouth to a functional and esthetic state. The restorative dentistry overlaps cosmetic dentistry procedure, as these restorations are designed to look and feel natural.

The following are some of the common Dental Restorative procedures:
  • Dental Crowns: it is used to cover damaged teeth to restore it. They fully cover the portion of a tooth which lies at and above the gum line. Dentist will match the color of the existing teeth to give a natural look and feel.
  • Crown and Bridgework: A dental bridge is used to anchor teeth that replaces the missing teeth. A tooth replaced using bridgework are replaced by a natural-looking replacement (prosthetic) that is held together by the teeth on either side of the missing teeth.
  • Esthetic Fillings: The modern composites of very hard plastic which micromechanically fuses to the tooth are used to close the tooth as close as possible to its original strength and conservative fashion. 
  • Cosmetic Dentures: These dentures are used to replace missing teeth for people with no teeth. There are another types of dentures called partials used in mouths where several teeth need to be replaced.
  • Air Abrasion and Micro Dentistry: Using the Air abrasion technology the dentist can remove small cavities in teeth without removing the healthy tooth enamel and place white fillings without using the dreaded needle.
In addition, Restorative dental treatment include a range of treatments from tooth whitening, braces, root treatments, veneers, plastic gum surgery, bone and gum rebuilding grafting and more. This dental treatment really encompasses all the disciplines of dentistry to achieve optimum dental health.

Dr Neethu's Smile Care Clinic offers Restorative dental treatment with a commitment towards quality service and high standards of dental treatment. The clinic is headed by Dr. Neethu Jyothish (Chief Dental Surgeon) , also the clinic has a team of internationally qualified consultants.
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