Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Pediatric Dentistry in Palakkad

Paediatric Dentistry is that branch of dentistry that deals with the oral health care of children from their birth until adolescence. This branch of dentistry encompasses the management of oro-facial problems relevant to physical, behavioral, and medical disabilities. These dentists are registered as special dentists and they should have completed an additional study of at least three years soon after completing their general dental education. Under the supervision of a dental specialist, the training is provided in various hospitals and clinics. Hence, the pediatric dentist attains a wide range of experience in managing the overall dental health of children.

Types of Treatments Provided by Pediatric Dentists
  • Habitual counseling (for thumb sucking children)
  • Repairing defects or tooth cavities
  • Caring for dental injuries such as displaced, fractured, and knocked-out teeth
  • Gum diseases management, especially mouth ulcers, mucocele, and periodontal disease
  • Assessing and treating tooth straightening and correcting improper tooth alignments at earlier stages
  • Diet recommendation and preventive dental care methods such as cleaning and flossing using a mouthwash
  • Diagnosing oral conditions that are associated with diabetes, asthma, hay fever, and hypo/hyperactivity disorder
Pediatric Dentists are trained for

Handling medical, physical, and behavioral children patiently, especially those with special problems such as Autism and ADHD. Scrutinizing the root cause of dental disease and training the children and their parents with maintaining oral hygiene. While providing local analgesia and dental sedation, general anesthesia for dental treatments, and managing children from the anxiety or sudden attacks

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Friday, 28 October 2016

Oral and maxillofacial surgery Kerala

We can describe OMFS as Oral (mouth), Maxilla (an upper jaw bone forms nose and eye pocket parts), and Facial (face). Every part in an individual is to speak, chew, yawn etc., The entire organs determine one’s face structure and attraction. The deformity of any organ due to injury, congenital defects and diseases spoil one’s image externally and psychologically.
Oral and maxillofacial surgery, otherwise called as OMS / OMFS, one of the dentistry specializations treat the injuries, defects, and diseases of the jaw, face, neck, head, oral and maxillofacial region (jaws and face). It is a surgical specialty. OMF surgery requires dual qualification in dentistry and medicine and it requires expertise from the both said backgrounds. An oral and maxillofacial surgeon is a special surgeon who treats the areas such as the jaw, mouth, skull, face and its associated structures. We may otherwise call oral and maxillofacial surgeon as an orthopedic surgeon of the facial region.
Generally, Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery is preferred for facial bone fractures, cleft lips, dental implants, oral, jaw and facial cysts, wisdom teeth, mouth infections and ulcers, trauma, salivary gland surgery, removing impacted teeth, removal of malignant tumors in the head and neck region, temporomandibular joint surgery etc.,

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Sunday, 21 August 2016

Root Canal Treatment in Palakkad

Root Canal Treatment is also termed as Endodontics. It is the treatment for repairing infected or badly damaged tooth. Endodontics is a specialization in dentistry that deals with diseases occurring at the pulp and the surrounding tissue. Pulp is a soft tissue under the white enamel and hard layer called the dentin. Pulp contains nerves, blood vessels and it helps for growing the root of your tooth at the time of development. Neethu’s smile care offers the best Root Canal Treatment in Pathiripala.


Tooth pain, root fractures, problematic tooth anatomy, abscesses, traumatic injuries, teeth with blocked canals are the condition where Root Canal Treatment is preferred for the patients.


How does it work ??

During the procedure, the dentist numbs the teeth. Through the tooth crown to the chamber of the pulp, an incision is made. Special files are used for cleaning the unhealthy and infected pulp out of the canals. Later, they shape the canal for filling the material. By using a material known as the gutta-percha, the canals are filled with permanent material which helps the canals free from contamination or infections. On the top of the gutta-percha, a temporary filling material is placed for sealing the opening. Until the tooth receives a permanent crown (it is also called as cap which looks like a natural tooth and placed on the top of the tooth), the temporary filling remains. At last, the crown is cemented into place.


Root canal therapy, periradicular surgery which is also known as the apicoectomy, incision and drainage are the few common procedures done in endodontics.

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Friday, 22 July 2016

Make Your Smile Beautiful Through Dental Implants

Dental implant is a surgical component that replace roots of the teeth. This implants provide a strong foundation for the removable replacement or fixed teeth. Dental Implant is offered for the people who lost their teeth or tooth due to an injury, decay or some other reason. For the advanced dental implants, walk into Dr.neethu’s smile care, famous Dental Implant Treatment Center in Palakkad.


  1. Will last for many years
  2. Improves oral health
  3. Success rate of implants is up to 98 percent
  4. Gives well balanced and radiant smile
  5. Improves speech when implants fit perfectly
  6. Implants look like original teeth
  7. Improves chewing and biting ability of food


Steps involved in the procedure :
Before deciding on dental implant treatment, dentist will take a complete medical and dental evaluation and develop plan. This is to ensure that you are not having any health conditions that could make surgery improper.

Two stages are there in dental implant procedure. At initial stage, implant post is placed in the jawbone and is usually carried under local anesthesia. An incision is made in the gum tissue before a hole is precisely created. And implant is placed into a hole. Implant post is integrated firmly with the jaw bone. During this process new bone cells will grow on and around the implant post ensuring it cannot move. At the second stage, create an opening in the gum and placing a healing cap. This cap is used to shape the gum tissue to give support to the crown. Later, abutment is placed into the implant which is used to hold the crown or bridge at the position. After implanting the teeth. General care must be given to the implants as same as original teeth by brushing, regular dental check up and flossing.


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